Can't Catch a Break – Unless You're Female: Part II

January 15, 2008

Yesterday I shared with you some articles that were worth noting because they displayed what I felt are the various forms of sexism men face daily. I’m not sure if it was Karma or just coincidence, but between yesterday and today I came across a hand full of articles that corroborate yesterday’s theme.
So let’s continue by dealing with these articles now.

Dealing with Anti-Feminism: The Feminist eZine – Bachelorism
This article is written by Suzanne MacNevin, a female/feminist who is very upset with men who have blamed feminism for their vow to remain bachelors.
The irony is that her emotions, opinions, and logic play right into the hands of the men she is arguing against. She is upset that men blame feminist for all their problems, but then uses the typical feminist blame, shame, and humiliation tactics to make her case – the exact behavior that has given feminist an evil reputation, and the exact behavior that does nothing to dispute the bachelors’ logic. In fact, it appears to actually reinforce and validate their argument.
And it just wouldn’t be a true anti-male/hate speech if it didn’t include some kind of reference to female-on-male violence – a right of passage for female empowerment – to which the writer is more than happy to indulge with a picture of women kicking a man in his face.
The only thing this article did for me was validate the argument for the bachelors. You go boys!
Dealing with Anti-Feminism: The Feminist eZine – Bachelorism

Who’s Tired of Pink
Another emotional harangue by a disgruntled woman, Erica Jong, who is frustrated and upset with men because they haven’t created a perfect world for her and other women to live in. She complains about men’s wars, men trying to control women’s wombs, men not doing their share of housework and family care, how men are killing wives and children, blah, blah, blah
On the plus side she states she knows her judgments are “generalizations” (a euphemism for hateful, disturbing, sexist remarks towards men), but these disingenuous generalizations are good enough for her intellect to determine it is time for women to take charge. She sees men as having f***ed everything up.
Isn’t just like the female ego to know its judgments and analysis of a situation is wrong, but confident enough to know that in spite of its faults and vices, it’s still superior to anything a man can do?
Note: I will be writing more in-depth about these two articles in the near future. In the mean time, David Usher from Men’s News Daily has responded to Mrs. Jong’s harangue. His article can be found on this website in the “Featured Article of the Week” in the upper right hand corner.
Who’s Tired of Pink

FOXSexpert: Dissecting the Ultimate in Double-Dipping; Why Do People Cheat?
I have written previously about my dislike for female sex therapist. I feel they are closet feminist because most of their writings and opinions reveal sympathy for women and their issues, but display snide, insincere remarks about men when topics cross gender lines.
Previously I reported how Fox News “sexpert” Yvonne K. Fulbright wrote about some gender issues with an obvious disdain toward men. Well, she is at it again.
In her most recent column she tackles the issue of infidelity. While the main article itself is kept gender neutral, Fulbright couldn’t keep from taking a cheap shot at men. At the end of her piece, she briefly covers topics in the news.
One topic covers the growing disparity between males and female in school and the well known trend of girls outperforming the boys in record numbers. Instead of showing concern over the inequality in academic performance and opportunity, she is spiteful and gleeful in the fact that women are outperforming the men. She states with unbridled enthusiasm that men can no longer be considered the smarter ones on the dating scene, and most disturbing, it seems to bring tears of joy to her eyes that men will not be able to compete with women for quality jobs.
She has pretty much validated my opinion about the underlying currents of contempt and hate female sex therapist have for men. And since bigotry breeds ignorance, it is obvious Fulbright is no “expert” at anything but ignorance. Most studies show that the more educated a man is the more likely he is to exhibit the very conscious behavior prescribed by women right’s advocates. A man who is educated is more likely to have greater self-esteem and a greater sense of self worth which leads to him:
— having the qualities women desire, such as respecting women as individuals
— having more empathy for their needs and concerns
— less likely to abuse his spouse or his children
— a strong interest in seeing her succeed in her passions
— less likely to become involved in criminal activity
But Fulbright’s ignorance and immaturity subjugates all logical reasoning. She would rather engage in playground politics than show any real concern for men and women.
Sadly, it’s all about satisfying her own ego.
FOXSexpert: Dissecting the Ultimate in Double-Dipping; Why Do People Cheat?

I Would Want to Give My Child, Like, Everything In the World
The last article I want to share with you concerns the “malevolence to benevolence” tactic used by women to diminish or disguise their irresponsible or violent behavior.
This research concerns abortions – who is having them and why. It explains how women who have abortions feel compelled to do so out of sympathy for the unborn child, feeling the quality of life for the child will be a difficult one, and the ultimate choice – to abort -is one of ultimate compassion.
The research itself is insightful, but the researchers themselves can’t escape from being seduced into apologists for the female killings of the unborn. Here is the quote that caught my attention:

The findings demonstrate reasons why women have abortions throughout their reproductive lifespans and that their decisions to terminate pregnancies are often influenced by the desire to be a good parent.

Are you kidding me? Killing unborn children is an effective “good parenting” skill? If this is true, then women owe men an enormous apology.
Here are some things to think:
— Men are humiliated, shamed, ostrazized, and incarcerated for not being responsible to their children. Many men fear being a parent and the responsibility it entails; therefore they run from the situation. I’m not condoning their behavior, but this assessment is known to be generally true. So it amazes me that men who abandon fatherhood because they feel they are not emotionally or financially stable enough to care for their child are demonized for leaving the children fatherless, but ALIVE. At the same time, women who can’t handle the responsibility of a child, KILL the child, and receive sympathy and empathy.
— Women’s rights group are disturbed by countries that hold male children in veneration, thereby killing most female babies – in the womb or out. But according to this research on abortions, if true, then women’s right’s activists would have to conceded that they no longer have an argument that the practice of killing female children is despicable. In these same foreign countries, male children are seen as having the best quality of life. This is the same argument being made by these researchers. If we accept a woman’s decision not to bring a child into this world with respect to the quality of life as an important issue, them women’s rights advocates and others cannot hold foreign countries and their cultural beliefs to a different set of standards than others.
But I’ll bet the feminist ego finds an excuse why the two are “different”.
I Would Want to Give My Child, Like, Everything In the World

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