Women's Violence Against Men Still Acceptable – Videos

February 9, 2009

wounded-heart2 As Valentines Day approaches, every man will be reminded that if he forgets this special day, he will suffer dire consequences. But what is truly amazing his how sexist and one sided this “mutual relationship” day really is.

In our present environment which stresses gender equality, almost all Valentine’s Day ads will portray the man doing something special for the woman in his life – rare is the ad which shows the woman going beyond her means to please the man in her life. Also consider that when advertisers develop an ad which depicts a spouse forgetting Valentines Day, or depicts a partner being cheap on this special day, it will ALWAYS be the male put in this humiliating position.

Women consistently gripe about how females are portrayed in the media, but they conveniently ignore how men are negatively portray in the media also. Why is it women cry about all the inequalities in the world when it affects THEM, but do not muster any ounce of energy to address the inequities faced by men? The paradigm of Valentines Day and corresponding silence from the “gender equality” (RE: women) appears to validate my opinion of how selfish the women’s movement has become. These self proclaimed “humanist” care only about themselves. If they truly cared about equality for everyone, they would protest these disparaging stereotypes and portrayals of males in society – but they don’t.

Check out how the disturbing reality of gender violence is handled by advertisers and the media. 

In this first video the man can’t make it home to spend Valentines Day with his partner. He’s stuck working late. Her response? Take Valentines Day to him at the office. Sounds great, looks great! But watch until the climax for the advertiser’s “humorous” ending.




In this next video, a misunderstanding by the man’s wife causes her to assault him. No apology, no mention that if this was real life, her actions would be considered an act of domestic violence. In our present society, men are warned of the consequences of their anger and violence towards women. However, women are taught – with the medias help – that violence against men is acceptable, and hey, it’s also a great form of amusement.




If you think I’m over extending myself, watch this next video. While on live TV, a woman finds it perfectly acceptable to harass and assault the male reporter. She does this, knowing that society will not hold her accountable for her violent actions. It is only labeled violence when men assault women. When women assault men it’s called “humor”, which is why I found this video while searching for “funny” videos.




So this is the new gender equality? This behavior is what society piously proclaims we should be advocating? Also, the most vocal and influencial feminist do not find the many examples of female-on-male violence in the media disturbing  judging by their silence?

Count me out of this form of equality. I finished grammar school a long time ago – my thinking has matured since then.





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2 Responses to Women's Violence Against Men Still Acceptable – Videos

  1. Tom Patterson on March 3, 2010 at 8:32 pm

    The absence of any comments so far show how accurate this article is.

    However, the author forgotten about the advert for Heineken Export where the truck drivers wife has broken his arm and leg to prevent him from taking the worlds (probably) finest lager out of Denmark; and the one where the little old lady lures a similar driver to her remote country house and hits himover the head and throws him down the cellar, wherethere are already several men in Heineken overalls already bruised and tied up, presumably until they die?

    Then there is the poster with a man bent double in agony clutching his genitals, the caption explaining that he has borrowed his partner's car without asking.

    Laugh!!? How outraged would we be if someone replicated these adverts with the roles reversed?

    THe problem is that the advertisers understand the nation's subconscious, rather than them creating it.

    The adverts represent a dysfunctional attitude in society.

    Perhaps we should discuss if the rational is that men don't feel pain as much as women. No hang on , that can't be right!The rhetoric is that women have a higher threshold for pain…and men can never experience pain like childbirth…so in that case.. punishments for assaulting a man should be higher than for hurting a woman? ….Discuss!

  2. Heart Necklace : on October 27, 2010 at 11:10 pm

    i like comedy that is why i always look for funny videos on metacafe and youtube,-:

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