Aiken County Sheriff's Office looking for 10 "Dead-Beat Moms"

September 8, 2009

AIKEN, S.C. — The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is looking for ten “Dead-Beat Moms.” Each of them owes more than $25,000 in and is wanted by the Family Court.

The names of the ten moms are: Debra Key-Creech, Mary Alice Jerry, Marsha Michelle Dorn, Tina Lynn Richards, Tina Renee Ross, Juria Maurieca Robinson, April Lynn Bledsoe, Jennifer Lyn Wise, Patricia Ann Robinson and Kimberly Macomson.

Upson works with teenage boys at Helping Hands by day, and takes care of his five-year-old boy at night.

Upson’s son’s mom owes him child support and has only seen her son twice in the past two years for a total of thirty minutes, Upson said.

“She can come (to see him), it’s all up to her, but she’s not coming,” he said. “She’s basically a dead parent.”

Landy said some mothers don’t want to be a mother.
“There are situations where moms just don’t want that responsibility,” she said.

(For the sake of putting it into perspective, if you include abortion, the number of women who avoid parental responsibility would come close to a million per year.)


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