Mark B. Rosenthal

June 1, 2020

  Mark Rosenthal, By Les Bender

Hey all,

I just watched this clip on YouTube from the 2019 ICMI Conference last summer.

I just sent it to my Men’s Support Group with the following:

“This is Mark Rosenthal. He’s about 5’5” tall. He has sort of a cartoon character voice, and his casual manner is a bit awkward.

He’s an older fellow of Jewish descent (you’ll see how important that is when you watch the video). This clip is about 40 minutes long. Although I regularly view long form material like this I don’t often expect others to… But I think you all should watch this one.

This man is a small, quiet hero. And he’s bringing a warning. His message is hopeful for the future. But his assessment of the present is grim.

He speaks near the end about a man named Earl Silverman. Earl is a dead hero. You should ALL know who he is. He was a Canadian man who took his own life in despair after fighting for years for male victims of domestic violence.

Mark is still with us. And he’s really smart. And really determined. And he’s not in despair. He’s not likely to kill himself. Our movement is growing folks. Just saying.

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