NCFM Permanent Freedom Endowment



Funded by a generous donation from the Woodward Fund with the intention and vision to attract other major contributions to ensure the continuation of NCFM and help those in need. And, with great appreciation from NCFM and those who will benefit into the distant future.

Please contact us concerning making contributions to this endowment. Call  619-231-909.


The Coalition of Free Men, Inc. (NCFM)

Permanent Freedom Endowment Charter

Adopted May 12, 2010

The Coalition of Free Men, Inc., currently doing business as “NCFM” or “National Coalition For Men”, hereby creates a permanent Endowment Fund to be known as the NCFM Permanent Freedom Endowment” (hereafter referred to as “Endowment”). This document, upon execution, establishes that the Endowment is the first endowment of NCFM and no other endowments exist within NCFM.

  1. PURPOSE:  NCFM has come to realize that to secure continuing and growing progress towards its mission that it must secure constancy and strength in its funding. Additionally, long-term supporters of NCFM and its mission to end sex discrimination would like their supporting donations to grow and to contribute in perpetuity.  The Endowment is the vehicle for securing and investing long-term donations.  NCFM recognizes long-term donors by allowing periodic withdrawals from the Endowment to be a source for funding daily operations, thus allowing NCFM to always be a constant force for fair and equal treatment. Donors may thus elect to either contribute directly to the operations of NCFM or to the Endowment.  Withdrawals, as defined herein, from the Endowment shall be used to assist NCFM in fulfilling its purposes in eradicating harmful gender based stereotypes as they adversely impact men, their families, children, and the women who love them. This assistance includes support of any other individual, group, or organization that NCFM determines may contribute to NCFM’s stated mission.
  1. A committee (“Endowment Committee”) shall be established and maintained within NCFM to oversee the administration and management of the Endowment.
  2. The Endowment Committee will report to and be governed by the Board of Directors of NCFM (the “Board”).
  3. The President and Treasurer of NCFM are to be permanent members of the Endowment Committee.
  4. The other members of the Endowment Committee and its chairperson shall be elected by the Board and shall serve until their successors have been elected.
  5. The Endowment Committee Chairperson shall be the NCFM President.
  6. The Endowment Committee shall be made up of the NCFM President and Treasurer and three members nominated and elected by the Board.
  7. The Board shall assure that each elected Endowment Committee member is to be of high competence and capability to manage investment and distribution responsibilities and shall have meaningful experience administering nonprofit endowments.
  8. The Endowment Committee shall elect a Secretary and such other officers and sub-committees as it deems necessary.
  9. The President of NCFM may delegate temporarily and at his/her discretion the duties of the Chairperson to another member of the Endowment Committee.
  1. POWERS AND DUTIES:  The Endowment Committee shall have the powers and duties authorized herein and by the Board to:
  1. Provide or secure the necessary services to properly manage and administer Endowment assets.
  2. Maintain generally acceptable accounting practices, or other accounting practices that are consistent with recognized and reputable industry practice, and that which are also acceptable to the NCFM independent auditors.
  3. Stress the opportunities for NCFM members, friends, and others to make provisions for making legacy gifts and memorials to NCFM, institutions, agencies, and causes by means of wills, annuities, trusts, life insurance, retirement plans, and various types of property.
  4. Arrange for the dissemination of information that will be helpful in pre-retirement planning, including such considerations as establishing a will, a living trust, and the need for each person to designate someone to serve as a responsible advocate should independent decision-making be lost.
  5. The Endowment Committee shall cooperate with the Board or its designee in assuring that all audit processes are timely followed.
  6. The Endowment Committee shall make a full report no less frequently than once each year to the Board, and at the request of the auditors.
  1. Amounts may be withdrawn from the Endowment for use of funding daily operations of NCFM at a prudent rate set by the overseeing Endowment Committee, in compliance with IRS regulations.
  2. The cumulative amount withdrawn from the Endowment in any given calendar year, for such aforementioned purpose, shall not exceed five percent (5%) of the fair market value of the Endowment’s total assets at the beginning of the respective calendar year.
    1. The Endowment’s investment objectives are to maintain and maximize the ability of the Endowment to contribute to NCFM’s operations budget each year into perpetuity.
    2. The Endowment Committee’s investment philosophy is to be conservative with investment expenses and risk while attempting to achieve optimal investment return.
  • CHANGE IN INVESTMENT POLICY:  Any transfer of Endowment assets from an account or accounts managed by one investment management group or manager to an account or accounts managed by a different investment management group or manager, other than withdrawals into the operational accounts of NCFM pursuant to section “D” of this agreement, must be approved by a majority vote of the Board, in which a quorum is present, upon recommendation of the Endowment Committee.
  • COMPENSATION OF ENDOWMENT COMMITTEE:  The Endowment Committee members shall not earn or be paid compensation from the Endowment.
  • GIFTS TO THE FUND:  Once donors have designated a gift to the Endowment, the gift is deemed designated to supporting the mission of NCFM. However, NCFM will take into consideration the desires of both donors and members when budgeting for work on issues that NCFM supports. Donors are invited to express interest in issues of particular concern.
    1. The Board shall have the ultimate authority and responsibility to accept or reject any gift or donation to the Endowment.
  • Liability of NCFM, its directors/agents/emplyoyees, and Members of the Committee:  In the absence of gross negligence or fraud, no member of the Board and its member boards and committees of NCFM shall be personally liable for any action made or omission with respect to the Endowment.  NCFM shall establish and maintain insurance to cover liability against errors and omissions claims, and other appropriate policies, related to the Endowment.  The expense of establishing and maintaining any insurance for the purpose hereof shall be the responsibility of NCFM.
  • Merger, Consolidation, or Dissolution of NCFM:  If at any time NCFM is lawfully merged, combined or consolidated with any other organization, all the provisions hereof in respect to the Endowment shall survive such a transaction and the Endowment is to remain in effect pursuant to all of the terms herein.
    1. If NCFM should ever be discontinued or dissolved, as opposed to merging or combining with another organization, then the Endowment, including both principal and interest accrued to date, shall be transferred to one or more entities at the direction of the Board. The entity’s or entities’ mission must in whole, or substantial part otherwise be consistent and in line with the meaning and purpose of the NCFM mission and Endowment purpose as defined in paragraph A above.
    1. SeverabilityIf any provisions or any application of any provisions of the Endowment shall be held or deemed to be or shall be illegal, inoperative, or unenforceable, the same shall not affect any other provisions or any application of any provisions herein contained or render the same invalid, inoperative, or unenforceable.

    This Endowment Charter is adopted this 12st day of May, 2010.


    For: TEN        Against:  NONE         Abstained: TWO


    NCFM Permanent Freedom Endowment

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